Agarwood Chips Oud Chips | Grade A++ | 10 grams


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Agarwood Chips Oud Chips | Grade A++ | 10 grams

  • Material: Vietnam sink agarwood oud chips Oud wood chips from dead agarwood trees in forests of Quang Nam province in Vietnam. These dead agarwood trees are in the underground in the tropical forest for a long time. So almost white wood are self-destroyed and only remain the resin parts. They are known as Vietnam best wild oud wood chips. These agarwood oud chips are the high quality with lots of oil inside. Because these oud wood chips are made from hundreds of years agarwood trees. Almost the dirty or white wood parts have been removed. The smell is very sweet. That is a special aroma of agarwood Vietnam for all cultivated agarwood and wild agarwood.
  • How to use wild sink agarwood chips oud wood chips: You can cut to small pieces agarwood or grind to a powder oud wood and burning on charcoal or heating by an electric incense burner. In our Vietnamese culture, we usually heat these oud wood chips by an electric incense burner. When you use the electric incense burner, oud wood chips are only heated, not burned to smoke. So, you are not affected by smoke. And the oud wood chips are last longer than burning. You can still smell the fragrances many hours after heating. In Vietnam, we often use these agarwood chips to drink tea or soaked in wine for healing.
  • For dink tea, firstly you should put these oud wood chips in the water and boil them. Keep 3-5 minutes after water boiled to reduce soil. Then drop all soil water, fill new fresh water and boil them. After the water is boiled from 3 -5 minutes, use them for drink tea.
  • Benefits of sink agarwood oud wood: Sweet smell of agarwood chips can distill your thoughts or stop your thinking. They help you get into the desired states of mind quickly. Oud wood chips are used as incense that can help you make meditation, yoga or relax. Asian people believe that agarwood can anti-ghost, negative energy and amulet. They also bring luck to your health and life. In Vietnam ancient culture, agarwood has been used in each ritual of royal, in temples of Buddhism and in the altar of rich families. Nowadays, there are many studies about agarwood ingredient. Most of them say that agarwood can help people in cancer treatment.


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