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Big Mex is renowned for striking a solid mix between spiritual inquiry and visual effects.

Other significant impacts include improved originality and creativity, as well as an overall sense of happiness. Due to its mild and typical effects, it is perfect for first-time users. You will experience joy, optimism, and pleasure. After taking Big Mex magic mushrooms for 10 to 40 minutes, you’ll feel your mood lifted and excitement fill you. You may notice minor to significant visual enhancements, depending on the dosage. You might notice that everything seems to be breathing, that nature seems to be more alive, and that you are thinking within.


Buy Big Mex Magic Mushroom Online

Big Mex magic Mushrooms online in high graded quality, a Mexican Magic Mushrooms, often known as Big Mexicans, are the common names for Psilocybe cubensis Mexicana. One of the hallucinogenic ingredients in magic mushrooms, psilocibina, was first identified by the renowned scientist Albert Hofmann. For many years, this variety has been in use. The Mexicana mushroom was employed in mystical rites by the Aztecs 2,000 years ago. the period during which this civilization came into contact with ghosts and celestial beings.

Big Mex / Psilocybe Mexicana (Psilocybe Cubensis)

When the Big Mex Magic Mushroom was discovered, the Aztecs knew they had found something special. Actually, they’ve been speaking to their gods through it for years. This large, brown-capped, white-stemmed fungus, which is native to Mexico, gives you the ideal balance of breathtaking vistas and ecstatic feelings during a modest high.

What Are Psilocybe Mexicana Mushrooms?

Psilocybe Mexicana mushrooms, usually referred to as Big Mex Magic Mushrooms, are a variety of hallucinogenic fungi that are frequently discovered growing in parts of Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. These places frequently have fields, moist meadows, and forested acres where Mexican magic mushrooms can grow. Additionally, they are one of only a few species of psychoactive mushrooms that may yield sclerotia or magic truffles.

Psilocybe Mexicana mushrooms have a long history that dates back more than 2,000 years to when aboriginal people in Central and North America first used them. They are even said to have been regarded by the Aztecs as a “godly fungus” because of its origin.

Magic Mushroom Family

The Psilocybe Cubensis family includes the Mexicana Mushroom species. This group of magic mushrooms is very widespread and well-known among psychonauts. Due to their wide distribution and mild to moderate high, Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms are regarded as one of the most well-known psychedelic mushrooms.

The majority of the Psilocybe Cubensis family of mushrooms are distinguished by their dark purple spores, grey gills, and golden caps. Each species in the Psilocybe Cubensis family has distinctive defining characteristics even though they all share some characteristics. Psilocybe Mexicana, hence the name Mexicana, is unique in that it only naturally grows in regions of North and Central America. This is one of its key qualities.

Big Mex Magic Mushroom Potency

Psilocybe Mexicana mushrooms are a member of the Psilocybe Cubensis family and are only moderately potent. They fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum and are neither the weakest nor the strongest shrooms. They are a fantastic option for novice or first-time travelers as a result. Like all magic mushrooms, the strength of Mexican magic mushrooms is influenced by the dose consumed. As long as you don’t take a much of it, this species isn’t particularly potent.

Effects  of  Psilocybe Mexicana

Big Mex mushrooms provide a mild yet very potent high. Big Mex shrooms frequently produce visual hallucinations, both when the eyes are open and when they are closed. They also result in euphoria, improved creativity, and general happiness.

The more intense feelings that all emotions can elicit, as well as a diminished sense of time, are some of the more benign effects that Psilocybe Mexicana mushrooms can produce. They might also make your stomach feel queasy.

Benefits Psilocybe Mexicana

Many people with OCD, anxiety, and depression have utilized big Mex mushrooms. While psychedelic shrooms have not been proven to be effective in treating the symptoms of these mental diseases or conditions, users have reported feeling content and at peace while high. This comes as no surprise considering that one of these Mexican mushrooms’ key effects is the capacity to provide an extremely pleasant trip.

How to Take Psilocybe Mexicana Shrooms?

Shrooms from Psilocybe Mexicana can be consumed in a variety of ways. They can be consumed in a variety of ways, but the most popular ones are whole, in tiny amounts, and in tea. Boil some water, add your dried Mexicana mushrooms, and let them simmer for 10 to 15 minutes before drinking the tea. After that, drain the mushrooms and, if you want to improve the tea’s flavor, add a teabag. Your trip will begin in around 10-15 minutes after ingesting the magic mushrooms in the tea.

You should start out slowly while ingesting Psilocybe Mexicana mushrooms by taking only 0.1-0.25 grams of dry mushrooms on an empty stomach.

Microdosing is a fantastic method to take it .

Psilocybe Mexicana Dosages

A typical dosage range for Mexican magic mushrooms is between one and two grams. As previously said, if you plan to microdose Mexicana mushrooms, a suitable starting dose is between 0.1-0.25 grams. You’ll need five grams of magic mushrooms for every cup of water if you’re drinking tea. The fact that all of these doses are universal should be noted. The appropriate magic mushroom dosages vary from person to person since they are closely tied to each person’s body weight and other physiological characteristics.

What to say about  Big Mex Mushroom

Mexican magic mushrooms are a wonderful entry-level mushroom because they provide a somewhat weak trip compared to other stronger hallucinogenic mushrooms. They are a well-liked magic mushroom for all, but many mushroom connoisseurs also enjoy them for their cozy, creativity-stirring trip.


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