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Everybody has a different experience when taking magic mushrooms in Ecuador. The same is true for all mystical mushrooms. According to reports, the Ecuadorian induces a euphoric mood that is calming and dreamy. As you ease in, the effects are anticipated to become more relaxing. The first affects are considered to be highly severe. This strain can offer a more spiritual high with less of a bodily high.



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Ecuadorian Magic Mushrooms has thick stem and caps with a distinctive nipple in the middle in caramel hue serve as telltale signs of the Ecuadorian Magic Mushroom.

You can anticipate being in a euphoric frame of mind that leaves you comfortable and drowsy after ingesting it, though results differ from person to person.

Ecuadorian Magic Mushrooms For Sale

Your trip will gradually transition into a tranquil and relaxed phase after an initial powerful high. When ingesting this magic mushroom, aim for a spiritually uplifting experience rather than a bodily high.

About thw Ecuadorian Mushroom

One of the well-known varieties is the Ecuadorian magic mushroom, or psilocybe cubensis. It is a mountain type that yields large mushrooms in adverse circumstances. With its vast length, the hybrid strain ranks among the largest yet most potent cubensis strains. The Ecuadorian Cubensis mushroom strain is renowned for providing users with quick effects and a clean head.

Additionally, this fruit is stunning and perfect for beginners. Psilocin and psilocybin are the shroom’s primary active ingredients. It is a frequently used hybrid that is simple to grow. Additionally, the hybrid kit yields dense flushes of mushrooms. The hallucinogenic mushroom is well known for its influence on contemporary culture. Additionally, it has been in existence for over 25 years.

How the Ecuadorian Magic Mushrooms looks like

One of the sought-after cubensis, Ecuadorian magic mushroom originates in the mountains of Ecuador. The strain is a favorite pick for inexperienced growers because it may thrive even in less ideal circumstances. It’s from a place with tough conditions. It makes sense why this breed is hardy. Additionally, it is thought that the outcross is a progeny of the Golden Teacher and cubensis Albino A+.

Due to its distinctive characteristics, you can easily identify Ecuadorian magic mushrooms. It has enormous caramel-colored heads on long, thick, and meaty stems. Fans of the mushroom claim that this particular type offers a dreamy, peaceful, yet vibrant visual experience. Furthermore, it has a lengthy and fascinating past. The magic mushroom is still used in rituals by the majority of the area’s healers and shamans today.

Effects of the Ecuadorian Shrooms

Ecuadorian mushrooms have a very strong, reflective high. It’s a strain that is well-versed in living the good life. It may cause your deepest ideas to enter the recipient’s mind’s forehead. Customers claim that using mushrooms tends to challenge their five senses. This golden top will offer you a brief boost of energy while keeping you focused. The mushroom offers calming, peaceful, and joyful feelings as a robust variety.

However, it is always preferable to take Ecuadorian cubensis mushrooms in a welcoming setting. Social contacts have the power to improve your spiritual experience while providing comfort. To avoid overbearing effects as a novice, it’s also a good idea to start with a small dosage. Small doses can maintain

How to grow the Ecuadorian Shrooms

The Ecuadorian mushroom is one of the strains that is easiest to grow, as was previously said. Its size, which ranges from 10 to 13 cm, makes it one of the largest Ecuadorian cubensis mushrooms. Although colonization could take longer, the magic mushroom is quite resilient. It’s also a great variation for people who are new to mycology.

The mushroom can be grown in two most comfortable ways. The mushroom grow kit is the initial approach. Adding water and waiting for the liberty cap to grow are all that are required. Water can be added to the growing kit until the substrate is completely immersed. For around 12 hours, keep the box in the refrigerator. Remove any extra water and keep the box in the provided container.

Medical use of Ecuadorian Shrooms

Not only in Ecuadorian shrooms but also in other magic mushrooms, psilocybin is the active compound. It is a potent psychedelic mixture that has the potential to produce euphoria, visual distortion, and a variety of mystical experiences. Additionally, those who are coping with PTSD, sadness, stress, and worries may benefit from the outcross strain.

Additionally, it can help people who want to quit smoking, have alcoholism or obsessive-compulsive disorders. The hybrid, according to supporters of the cubensis and experts, may be beneficial for people suffering from cancer, cluster headaches, or other mental health issues.

Effects of the Ecuadorian Shrooms

Ecuadorian mushrooms, which cause hallucinations, have a variety of negative side effects. Psilocybin, a hallucinogen substance that stimulates serotonin receptors, is an ingredient in magic mushies. The brain hormone serotonin is crucial for perception, cognition, and mood. As a result, the golden top may result in anxiety, confusion, paranoia, and panic attacks.

Additionally, some users of Ecuadorian mushrooms may feel yawning, strange bodily feelings, and dizziness. However, depending on the consumer’s tolerance level, mental state, and immediate surroundings, the effects differ.

What to say about the Ecuadorian Shrooms

Have you been looking for enchanted mushrooms that provide the highest mood-lifting high? You don’t need to struggle any longer thanks to the Ecuadorian cubensis mushroom. It’s a strain with uplifting, long-lasting effects on the head and body. It’s also among the greatest options for beginners. To begin with, it’s best to find the appropriate partners and location. Additionally, make sure you have access to food, water, and anything sweet. In case of concerns or worry, doing so can assist you in calming down.


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