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It’s not necessarily bad for your health to indulge in a chocolate bar. Turmeric, adaptogens, and certified organic cacao are used to create this special chocolate bar. The Raw Chocolate Bliss Bar with Golden Shrooms combines healthy spices and mushrooms to please your senses while also giving your body essential nutrients.


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Golden Shrooms Chocolate Edible a distinctive chocolate mushroom bar is called Golden Shrooms Chocolate Edible. It smells like chocolate and caramel with a nutty undertone. Permit each meal to aid in your relaxation, unwinding, and sense of happiness. Anandamide, a chemical that is produced naturally in our bodies as well as in chocolate and CBD, is thought by scientists to be the reason why chocolate makes us feel good.

The combination of healthy spices and mushrooms in the Raw Chocolate Bliss Bar-Golden Shrooms gives you a wide range of health advantages.

The Peruvian tribesmen who gather and ferment the cocoa beans are the source of the Criollo cacao. The 40g chocolate bar comes in compostable, eco-friendly packaging. Although this product is great for improving health, it is not meant to treat or