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The popularity of the Golden Teacher mushrooms is largely due to a variety of factors. The mystery surrounding this particular strain of Psilocybe cubensis is what distinguishes it from other fungi. For dried Goldie mushrooms, a dose of 1 to 2.5 grams is suggested. This dose may be relatively tiny for most seasoned mushroom enthusiasts, but it provides a safety margin for inexperienced mushroom enthusiasts who have never used Goldies. A distinctive cubensis strain known as Goldie has exceptionally long stems and a light-colored look. The name comes from the fact that the caps take on a bright golden hue in natural light.



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Goldie Magic Mushrooms is a special variety of cubensis with long, thin stems and a very light appearance. These magic mushrooms get their name because the tops of their caps seem light golden in natural light. Goldie Shrooms, a favorite of Australian psychonauts, can be found naturally growing between April and August in southern Australia and New Zealand. In forests, pine tree plantations, and gardens, wood chips and other woody debris serve as their natural habitat.

Goldie Magic Mushrooms  for sale

Purchase Goldie magic mushrooms, which are well-known for their hallucinogenic effects. Typically, it comes in dosages of 1g and 2.5g. Beginner mushroom users should start with a smaller dose and gradually increase it as their bodies adjust. This particular cubensis variety stands out from others due to its long and thin stems. Additionally, it seems quite light, with the caps having a light golden color in natural light. The name “Goldie” was given to this strain because of its golden crowns.

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The Psilocybe cubensis family includes the Goldie magic mushroom, one of the strains of mushrooms that may be grown at home with ease. It has a powerful effect-delivery capacity. It is a great strain for both seasoned and inexperienced mushroom users because it is kind and amiable. This psilocybin mushroom will make you feel warm inside and out. You’ll feel a buzzing feeling as the effects spread throughout your body. You will consequently experience pleasure and mild visual hallucinations.

Order Goldie Magic Mushrooms Online

You can take Goldie magic mushrooms in a variety of ways. You might choose to swallow and chew the mushroom in its whole. Chewing the mushrooms will hasten their passage through the stomach lining and hasten their absorption into the body. You will thus feel the effects more immediately. Magic mushrooms can also be consumed in the form of smoothies by combining them with your preferred fruits and vegetables. The outcomes also happen right away. You can also take your mushrooms by putting some in a cup of tea. Try this mushroom if you want to have an expansive, spiritually profound psychedelic experience.

About the Goldie Magic Mushrooms

This mushroom variety is a member of the psilocybin cubensis fungus family. It has distinctive features, including a long, slender stem. Since it has a light appearance overall, you can recognize it at a distance. The caps of this mushroom, which seem golden in natural light, are what gave it its name. The powerful strain known as Goldie starts working right away after consumption. It only brings delight, nothing else. Try this magic mushroom if you’re looking for a strain that will promote meditation and spiritual depth.

Effects of the Goldie Magic Mushrooms

A strong strain of magic mushrooms called “Goldie” can take you on an unforgettable journey that will leave you feeling ecstatic and spiritually buzzed. This strain’s powerful effects make it a favorite among mushroom fans. Consuming this strain may have a range of effects, including lightness, giddiness, heightened colors, and visual distortions. Additionally, you might encounter spiritual depth and elation.

The effects will start to take hold a few minutes after you eat this magic mushroom. It produces significant effects that can persist for up to six hours. To prevent becoming high, beginners should start with a minimal dosage. Veteran users can raise their dosage so they can feel this strain’s amazing effects. To avoid exceeding recommended doses, it is essential to eat this strain in moderation.

How to grow Goldie Magic Mushrooms

You may produce goldie magic mushrooms in your own home and they are simple to grow. Local and organic farmers both cultivate this rare variety. This mushroom will offer satisfying yields if you take care of all the growth-related requirements. Use top-notch substrates, cultures, and nutrients for producing this strain. High-quality mushrooms with powerful effects will be produced as a result. Mushrooms of the highest caliber will be produced by following ideal gardening practices.

Medical use for Goldie Magic Mushrooms

One of the most well-known cubensis mushrooms is called Goldie. It contains a lot of the medicinally useful active substances psilocybin and picololin. The two substances are hallucinogens that can prevent serotonin from working properly in your brain.

Serotonin receptors in your brain, which are in charge of regulating the flow of nerve impulses between nerve cells, may be affected by this mushroom. As a result, this strain will provide calming, calming, and antidepressant effects. Additionally, it encourages neuronal genesis and stops the decrease of neural functioning. Consuming this magic mushroom can therefore help you overcome stress and depression.

Side Effects of Goldie Magic Mushrooms

Every positive item has a negative side. Goldie, like other mushrooms, can have negative effects. Large doses can be unpleasant to take, especially for first-time users. Time dilation, ego-death occurrences, and mind-altering effects are possible. Additionally, you can feel queasy and have visual hallucinations.

What to say about the Goldie Magic Mushrooms

Mushrooms can be used to create a delicious treat that gives you a high and has a number of health advantages. One of the powerful mushrooms that has powerful effects in a short period of time is the goldie magic mushroom. You will have a wonderful experience after using this magic mushroom, which will entice you to consume more. It might send your thoughts on a spiritual journey and alter how your brain interprets data. After consuming this strain, you won’t feel anxious. Try this mushroom if you want to achieve spiritual depth and joy.


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