Iboga Root Bark


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Ibogaine can be used for psychotherapy or as a spiritual guide. Ibogaine can be used in psychotherapy to alleviate the aftereffects of trauma or conditioning.




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Ibogaine root back also offers opportunities as psychotherapy or spiritual teacher. In the field of psychotherapy, Ibogaine can be used as a treatment for the effects of trauma or conditioning.

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According to studies, ibogaine offers a great deal of potential for treating heavy drug addiction, including that to heroin, methadone, cocaine, crack, and alcohol. There are also hints that it can help with tobacco addiction treatment.

Quality Iboga Bark Root for sale online

We have a large area of herbal farms where we develop the Iboga plant and other herbal items used for therapy and patient cleaning. We supply iboga root bark from High-Quality Tabernanthe Iboga. Every client receives a strong foundation and the resources needed to make better decisions so they can reenter society and live fulfilling lives. We promote human freedom and empowerment rather than a perpetual sickness model.

Iboga Root Bark

The hallucinogen Iboga, also known as Tabernanthe Iboga Root Bark, is a perennial rainforest shrub that is indigenous to Cameroon, Gabon, and Central Africa. Iboga creates visions when taken in higher amounts and activates the central nervous system when taken in smaller doses. The bark of the plant is eaten for a variety of medicinal or religious purposes in our BWITI REGIONS where it thrives. The active alkaloid, ibogaine, is also utilized to treat illnesses related to substance dependence.


To gradually introduce iboga to your system and get it resonating with the plant, you can consume a few grams of root bark throughout the day. Iboga is typically taken by the Bwiti over a few days.
Iboga should ideally be taken under the guidance of a healer or healthcare provider with iboga experience. However, such a strategy can be very expensive. At least during the initial phase of the experience, it is crucial to have a sitter present.



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Iboga Root Bark

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