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Having a stimulation effect on the central nervous system it makes one active and helps in managing difficult and focus requiring tasks. Being highly efficacious and safe I strongly recommend using it so that you can get positive results in a short time.

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Being a stimulant of the Central nervous system leads to causes excitement and euphoria, decreases the feeling of fatigue, and increases motor activity. It produces profound changes in thoughts pattern and moods. Many of the altered states are accompanied by visions of bright, colorful changes in the environment and by the plasticity of constantly changing shapes and colors.  In addition to its marked action on the Central nervous system, it acts on the adrenergic system and indirectly stimulates the receptors through nor-epinephrine release.


Also known as Cerebro-active drugs or cognition enhancers. In this nous means mind and trope mean turning. It increases the ability to focus, and sociability and elevates mood. It increases the performance of the brain and due to this, it is known as a memory-enhancing substance. It includes amphetamine, armodafinil, atomoxetine, caffeine, cocaine, dexmethylphenidate, theophylline, nicotine, and varenicline. Due to its numerous controversial issues, they are divided into prescription and non-prescription nootropics.

History of Microdose Boost

In 1972 Corneliu Giurgea made five criteria to consider a product true nootropic.

  1. Improves attention.
  2. No toxic effects on the brain.
  3. Improves learning ability.
  4. Improves arousal and relaxation.
  5. Doesn’t cause dependence and addiction.

1. prescription-based drugs: Methylphenidate, modafinil, memantine, and amphetamine.

2. Over-the-counter drugs: Racetams ( piracetam, phenylpiracetam, and aniracetam), caffeine, omega-3-fatty acids, L-theanine, Panax ginseng, and caffeine.

Nootropics and safety

Before starting it one should consult the doctor as there are side effects of using it and have a different interaction with other medications. Although the best way to increase your cognitive ability is via sleep, eating clean and healthy food, having regular exercise, and being social. But it is also a good way to make one focused, energetic and friendly. Not to increase the dose without any consultation with the physician and make sure that continuous monitoring is carried out to counter any type of side effect.

Effects of Microdose Boost

It will be acute and chronic. Acute depends upon the dose taken, health, and age of a consumer. A moderate amount makes one focused, energetic and friendly. While higher doses make one lethargic and decrease focusing ability and vigor. Being a sympathomimetic agent leads to an increase in heart rate, respiratory rate, and body temperature. Chronic effects create due to one own negligence as a user due to a decrease in the effects of a drug increases the dose and creates the problem in the shape of cardiac shut-down, sepsis, and stroke. Another problem is the addition of such items.


  1. Improves attention, learning, arousal, problem-solving, and reaction time.
  2. Increases motor activity of the bowel.
  3. Has mild diuretic action that increases the urinary output of sodium, chloride, and potassium.
  4. Has a positive stimulatory effect on the heart but patients having angina pectoris should avoid this.
  5. Has appetite-suppressant effects in the management of obesity.
  6. Used for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in which one cannot be involved in any one activity for longer than a few minutes. It helps to improve attention span and alleviates many behavioral problems associated with this syndrome.
  7. Used in the management of narcolepsy which is a sleep disorder that is characterized by sleepiness during the day and loss of muscle control.


  1. Causes irritability and tremors.
  2. Causes intestinal cramps and diarrhea.
  3. Increases the rate of metabolism of several drugs.
  4. Chances to cause addiction are there leading to tolerance, dependence, and drug-seeking behavior.
  5. A high dose causes anxiety and insomnia.

Points to ponder

  1. As it stimulates the secretion of gastric acid so individuals with peptic ulcers should avoid it.
  2. People having cardiac and hypertensive issues should avoid this as it creates a stimulatory effect on the heart leading to an increase in the pulse rate.
  3. Not to give with citalopram, escitalopram, etc as this combination leads to serotonin syndrome.
  4. It is contraindicated not to use in patients with glaucoma but facts are lacking in this aspect.


Having more positive aspects as compared to negative aspects it is safe to use and highly efficacious. Giving joyous feelings make it to use. Well, that was all. Hopefully, this brief article will help you a lot.


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