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SPECTRA MYCELIUM – Gold contains  building components that enable mushrooms to grow are called mycelium, which is the root system for fungi. They are essential to ecosystems, and their numerous applications are altering how scientists and innovators think about and plan for the future. They are just starting to realize how powerful and useful they could be in the current world.

Mycelium is a type of fungus that, like yeast (yes, they are both fungi), permits fermentation. However, unlike yeast, mycelium is multicellular and can be meticulously put together into intricate structures.

Mycelium For Sale

What does that mean for your experience with microdosing, then? The chemical-free, preservative-free Mycelium Gold capsules are natural brain enhancers created to help you stay focused and smart. For people who are ardent users of microdosing and are searching for improved cognitive function using a holistic and natural method, the Mycelium Gold 200 mg are appropriate. Users are completely in charge of the outcome thanks to the regulated dosages and detailed instructions that allow for gradual conditioning and modification.

Ingredients: Psilocybin Cubensis is a 100% organic 200 mg capsule. Our capsules only include mushrooms that are harvested from fruiting bodies. There are no extra grains, starches, or fillers.